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eCoachPro offers the highest quality coaching and leadership development with proven results.

Our Purpose

“Our purpose is to make coaching available in a more effective, efficient and accessible way to a larger audience, by using technology and facilitating the natural way in which people learn and develop and thus accelerating professional growth and wellbeing.”

What we do

“We integrate and blend face to face coaching with online coaching to create a continuous development journey (24/7) and accelerate professional growth in the day to day environment. We call this Technology-Enhanced Coaching. Everything we do is evidence-based and supported by elaborate data analytics.”

Our Dedicated Team

We work with a large international group of high-end (executive) coaches,  Leadership Development (LD) trainers and behavioral scientists. 

  • 60 certified (executive) coaches 
  • We offer coaching, training and consultancy in 20 different languages
  • Our coaches have relevant academic degrees and are affiliated with a recognized international professional body such as ICF, EMCC, NOLOC, NIP, CTI, ST!R, etc.

View below the profiles of our international (executive) coaches, Leadership Development (LD) specialists and behavioral scientists:

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What if all your staff were engaged with your strategy and focused on personal development?

The latest from ECP

  • Human capital: critical for business?

    HR in corona times: Acting out of fear or courage?

    Human capital is in the top 3 priority list of CEOs and HR leaders. Research from Gartner and McKinsey, amongst others, has shown this trend in recent years. However, a crisis situation such as the COVID-19 can turn everything upside down. Budgets are under so much pressure that human capital may not be able to stay afloat either. An expensive mistake or missed opportunity? This can be read in an article we published on the website of HR Tech Outlook.

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  • "Coaching on steroids": accelerated and effective

    Upgrade the classic way of coaching with contemporary tools

    When is coaching effective? Can it be different from the standard way of long-term coaching engagements with only 2 to 3 weekly (physical) conversations between coach and coachee? Is a faster, shorter and closer to the ball approach possible? In a way that better suits these dynamic times? We absolutely think so. At eCoachPro we coach professionals worldwide in a blended way on a daily base: flexible, fast and effective. Always with the aim of facilitating a sustainable change in behaviour. A call to let go of purely the traditional and blend the new with the old and embrace new ways of coaching. Because it works!

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  • "My favourite way of coaching"

    Blog series: working for, at or with eCoachPro

    Within eCoachPro (eCP) we coach professionals, share our expertise in the field of online coaching and train coaches in our method. In this series we let our professionals and clients have their say. Macarena Vergara, one of our associates, kicks off. In addition to being an online coach, she has also recently become a trainer. She taught one of our International Masterclasses e-coaching for the first time. An interview about her introduction to e-coaching, the way she applies it and her new role as trainer. "eCoachPro's approach of e-coaching has changed my presence as a coach, the way I listen and how I best formulate my next question".

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